A chair is a statement piece in your home. Regal Living has the finest selection of chairs on offer to make your home the height of luxury and the envy of your guests. Whether you are looking for a fun tub chair covered in Spiderman for you children or some beautiful ornate chairs for you dining room we can assure that you will find the perfect chair to accompany your décor.

For a chair to keep you warm and cosy by the fire our Victorian style sofa chairs are what you need. With high backs for full support and plenty of cushion they are comfortable and look good in a sitting room or library. They are light enough to move around the home but sturdy enough to hold any weight. Coming in a selection of colours and patterns you will no doubt find one to match your interior design.

The most popular and well loved collection of chairs that we hold at Regal Living are our Louis style chairs. This unique selection are available in tub chairs, bedroom chairs and arm style chairs. The beautiful damask designs with duck egg and gold colours give the ultimate look in vintage luxury. Based on the era of King Louis these chairs offer not only comfort but high fashion and elegance within your home.

For the ladies the Louis style chair collection also hosts a gentle design influenced by Marie Antoinette. As a lady of a royal marriage only the best and most elegant of chairs would be suitable for her, as it will be for your home as well. This piece comes in different colours with curved arms and legs. Having one of these chairs will make you feel like a queen.

The upholstery of the Louis style collection matches the exquisite designs of the chairs. Damask in gold, black and duck egg varieties give off the essence of royalty and many different varieties of tartan upholstery give the ornate designs a British twist.

As the Louis style collection at Regal Living is suitable for the whole family there is also a bed suitable for dogs. These beds are also in the same luxurious style and come in the identical variety of idyllic tartan designs.

Suitable for any room of your home these chairs provide the comfort and luxury you need to make your house feel like a home.