Having a garden is a wonderful asset and luxury to your home. A space in the great outdoors to enjoy the weather and to grow some of the most beautiful flowers and shrubbery is a loved pastime. Regal Living understands this so the garden collection will bring the style and elegance of your home to join your area of greenery.

Vintage designs are very popular when being introduced into gardens. Birdcages are elegant and look lovely as decorative pieces. The white birdcages look perfect on patio tables as well as hanging from a tree or hook. Available in a set of 2 the cages can easily be used to house small plants or growing plants for added luxury.

Lanterns light the way for long warm evenings in the summer. Drinking a glass of wine by the light of a lantern is a truly special experience and a great way to end an evening with guests. The beauty of garden lanterns comes in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes making them a must for any size of garden or patio. For budding gardeners our large selection of planters will be a green fingers paradise. The varying depths of the planters make them suitable for any type of flower or herb being planted. A special piece for the collection is the enclosed window box. A stylish and vintage design which offers all the support and protection a young plant needs but with all the light it needs to grow.

Furniture for the outdoors is as robust and beautiful as the pieces inside of your home. The curved arms of the benches offer comfort and support for your back and posture. Matching tables give the effect of a well designed and cared for garden. Sitting at the table with the decorative hanging baskets by your head will make your garden just as homely as the indoors.

Finishing touches to the garden don't just include putting plants in to the planters. At Regal Living we have little treasures for every type of garden. Accessorising your garden is key to give it a groomed appearance. For family gardens we have a life size garden sheep which can stand proudly amongst the plants. Planters with mirrors and bird feeders add more detail to vintage gardens and the collection of stylish white umbrella stands set off any design both in the garden and the home.