Angels & Cherubs

Pictures are one of the most flexible pieces you can have as an addition to your home furnishings. They are great to purchase as a gift for that special friend and neighbour or even better to treat yourself to. At Regal Living we believe that the pictures you choose to go inside your home give a lot away about your personality and what you love in life. This is why we have a beautiful selection available to choose from because we know you want nothing but the best to go in your home.

Having pictures in your home can give your house a sense of character by giving your taste in art to your home. Having snippets of you on the wall gives you the extra comfort in your home because you have pictures that you like to look at, which make you feel cosy and comfortable in your surroundings. This is the feeling we want you to have when you purchase one of our elegant pictures at Regal Living.

The pictures we have for sale hold a vintage feel about them which makes them adaptable to many varieties of décor you may have selected at home. Having vintage items around the home recall fond memories for people of old times gone by which is perhaps why vintage is such a popular choice when it comes to furnishing your home. It is this very thought provoking activity we like to capture in all our pictures.

For more modern twists on elegant pictures we have features consisting of bright and eye catching colours with sharp and bold frames to set out the lines of the picture. The dark colours of the frames and the brightness in the picture itself give a great contrast which will look amazing in a home which lives in the modern era.

For more homely homes the vintage pieces in pastels and soft subtle colours will be beautiful assets to your decorations in the home. With pale or blended in frames they will sit on any wall without standing out like a sore thumb. The designs of roses and old fashioned gardening accessories will be a talking point for any household.

Available in squares, landscape or portrait all of our pictures at Regal Living will suit the tastes of any house and will give it the very essence it needs to transform in to a home.

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