Pics & Mirrors

Pics and mirrors can create centre focal points for any room they are placed. With the ability to set of any décor theme that has been selected they can give off the essence of the atmosphere you are trying to create in your home. At Regal Living we have a collection to be proud of when it comes to selecting pics and mirrors to adorn your home. An empty wall is a blank canvas which can be used to create a feature wall so why not use it to host a great conversation starter chosen from our collection?

Our array of floral pics come in a variety of sizes in both landscape and portrait settings. Using vintage themes and beautiful pallets of colours they look truly lovely on a wall in a bedroom. If you have a special room to sit quietly or even a conservatory these pics will help to keep the essence of the great outdoors close by bringing in some dainty florals.

If it is a mirror you are looking for then you will be spoilt for choice. In all different sizes and shapes we have mirrors that are suitable for any room of any size. For a modern feel our skinny mirrors and collection of straight edged shaped mirrors will blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Available in both large and small sizes there will be a mirror in the collection perfect for your space on the wall.

For a more vintage feel are stock of antique mirrors will be just what you are looking for. Whether you need a free standing mirror or one to bring life to your wall we have just the one. With a variety of designs the colours of the frames will match any interior within your home. White washed antique frames and silvers set off the mirrors perfectly and will add a touch of elegance to your home.

For some added luxury we also house a collection of mirrors with gold frames. These mirrors look magnificent hanging on a wall and give off touches of royalty. Their curled designs and bold shapes make statements which a royal family would be proud of. These would look fantastic in your home and would turn all visitors green with envy.

So have a search through our pics and mirrors today and give all your neighbours something valuable to talk about.