Important Must Have Garden Accessories for Beginners

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For those who enjoy gardening, well-kept gardens aren’t easy to manage. They require intensive care and attention and maybe it is why people resort to calling professionals for their gardens. But these professional landscapers aren’t affordable and often cost a lot of money for their personalised service.Read More

Mirror Effects In Your Home!

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This article details exactly how mirrors can brighten up your home! It also explains exactly what kind of mirror provides you with the desired effect - a must read if you are considering filling that space in your rooms or on your walls any time soon!

Luxury MirrorRead More

A Brief History of Venetian Glass

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Venetian Glass Dresser

For those that want to know a bit more about Venetian Glass and it's history - we recommend checking out our article below

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The Antique Gold Black Stripe Louis XVI Arm Chair Giveaway

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This beautiful Louis XVI arm chair is one of our most sought-after and commended items for sale, as a token of gratitude to our customers - one of these chairs can be yours, for FREE!Read More

Clearance Products

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Regal Living are happy to be able to let our customers know that we are giving something back! To show our customers our gratitude we have put on sale a selection of products that are all available at reduced rates. To be able to see a full list of the clearance items that we have then simply just find and click on the clearance tab in the menu or follow this link below. may be your last chance to get your hands on certain products such as the owl and moon hanger, which is not only a very interesting addition to your home, but is also over 30% off.

Also on sale and within the clearance category is our range of Navy Polo Shirts which are available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and even larger than that! The best thing about this deal is the fact that they are only £3.99 for a polo shirt! ONLY 3.99!

Do you lose your keys within your home far too much?

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Here at Regal Living we have the product that will save you from this problem which, albeit not the end of the world, is a major inconvenience to thousands of people. However, this product does not work on its own. It requires full obedience in sticking to the one golden rule, which is where you put your keys.


We have all seen variations of different types of systems to identify the location of your keys. There are apps which try to find them using tracking set-up to a key ring, others which use audio locators that you activate when whistling (although the high pitched sound and frequency that the locator is set off is often unbearable). However, nothing is more concrete in keeping your keys safe in your home than a good old-fashioned key rack. The principle behind this product, as you well know, is simple. Place keys on the key rack every time you enter your house! Therefore, barring an act of God, your keys will be in the same location when you need to find them upon leaving the house! Trust us, it really does work. Take a look at the variations of the key rack that we have for sale at the moment, for example this ‘His Key Rack’ here:

5 Tips to help keep your house a clean and tidy

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1. Put your clothes away every night.

When you are tired and all you want to do is get into bed, fight for the tiny bit of extra energy, just enough to make sure you put your clothes away and don’t just throw them onto a pile. That pile will never tidy itself and it will take a lot more of your time to organise every bit of clothing rather than tidy away each item at night.


2. Clean your kitchen surfaces after use.

If you clean the surfaces straight away after you have finished using them, then nothing can build up and you will not have to do a larger scale clean of the surfaces as regularly. Do it straight away, do not put it off!


3. Never let the washing-up get too much.

The principle of this tip is the same as the above. After each meal spend five minutes cleaning up the plates, bowls, knives, forks, cups etc. Come the end of the week you do not want to be faced with a never-ending stack of items that will take up valuable time and be a daunting challenge to take on.


4. Put shoes and coats away as you enter your home

Having a shoe rack is a very handy addition to the house and can help keep the entrance of your home tidy. In the same way, a coat stand or wall hooks also enable you to have somewhere to clearly place these items and not cause a clutter in your entrance hallway.


Check out one of our coat stands here


5. Return items to where you got them out from

Constantly sticking to this rule means that not only will you have so much less to clear up, but secondly you will have a much better idea about where your things are. If a CD is meant to be in a set of drawers and you have already put it back there after using it, then the next time it will be no trouble to find at all! Remember these tips and your home will be a much more enjoyable space to live and so much easier to manage!

Regal Living Coatstand

Regal Living Giftware - Umbrella Stands

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Winter is coming! No matter how much we wish for an Indian Summer as October draws to a close, the inevitable English weather is sure to kick in. To be quite honest, we all know it does not have to be winter to warrant rain, so why not be prepared with a stylish umbrella stand. When returning from work that last thing you are going to want is an umbrella dripping all over the carpet, bringing into your lovely home the dreary weather from outside! Not only does this product hold a practical purpose, yet if you choose wisely this item will also add an extra design element to your porch or home entrance.

Regal Living is proud to offer a wide variety of umbrella stands for you to choose from, with both modern-style ceramic pieces and classic antiques. All products in this range are at a discounted rate with over 30% off on some items such as the Round Antique White Umbrella Stand which is now only £58.99 or the 18” Multi Coloured Umbrella Pattern Ceramic Umbrella Stand which is just £27.99. To see all of our Umbrella Stand products which are on sale go to and find the perfect one for your home!

Umbrella Stand Luxury Umbrella Stand Nice Umbrella Stand

Lampshades - Brighten up your rooms

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Brighten up the rooms of your home this autumn with one of our Shabby Chic Lamps (excuse the pun!) available for as little as £27.99. This bespoke heart lamp with linen shade is infuses the connotations of class and love and boasts a versatility that means that it is a welcome addition to any bedroom or living room. With the wooden base it is perfectly positioned to sit just on top of your bedside cabinet or lounge cabinet.Read More

Entrance of the home

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When you invite someone into your home you take them on a journey, not only through the visible physical elements present inside, yet into your own little world through the meanings of these possessions that make up your daily surroundings.Read More