1. Put your clothes away every night.

When you are tired and all you want to do is get into bed, fight for the tiny bit of extra energy, just enough to make sure you put your clothes away and don’t just throw them onto a pile. That pile will never tidy itself and it will take a lot more of your time to organise every bit of clothing rather than tidy away each item at night.


2. Clean your kitchen surfaces after use.

If you clean the surfaces straight away after you have finished using them, then nothing can build up and you will not have to do a larger scale clean of the surfaces as regularly. Do it straight away, do not put it off!


3. Never let the washing-up get too much.

The principle of this tip is the same as the above. After each meal spend five minutes cleaning up the plates, bowls, knives, forks, cups etc. Come the end of the week you do not want to be faced with a never-ending stack of items that will take up valuable time and be a daunting challenge to take on.


4. Put shoes and coats away as you enter your home

Having a shoe rack is a very handy addition to the house and can help keep the entrance of your home tidy. In the same way, a coat stand or wall hooks also enable you to have somewhere to clearly place these items and not cause a clutter in your entrance hallway.


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5. Return items to where you got them out from

Constantly sticking to this rule means that not only will you have so much less to clear up, but secondly you will have a much better idea about where your things are. If a CD is meant to be in a set of drawers and you have already put it back there after using it, then the next time it will be no trouble to find at all! Remember these tips and your home will be a much more enjoyable space to live and so much easier to manage!

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