History of the furniture

During the reign of Louis XVI dealers such as Lazare Duvaux and Jean-Henri Oeben supplied furniture and decorative objects to the public.

Louis XVI furniture usually details an emphasis on right angles and straight lines with direct, somewhat masculine designs.

During this period of time furniture was decorated with lots of carved friezes, cylinder columns, wreaths and other various neo-classical attempts to copy other furniture throughout the continent. Stories tell us that Queen Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI's Queen. She played a huge part in the cause for creating many small pieces of furniture that suited the furnishings of her very own residence in Versailles.

Louis XVI loved coloured woods - often exotic/pastel colours. His reign simply was the golden age of French furniture and craftsmanship. The artist Jean-Heri Reisener orchestrated the styles. The greatest charm that this time period conveys to the modern mind is its intimacy and intricacy induced by delicate details.

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