Mirror Effects In Your Home!

Whether you require a mirror for the wall or a full length to stand on your bedroom floor a mirror effortlessly adds elegance or luxury to any room it is placed in. Ornate designs can set off the décor in your home with minimal effort. Yet when choosing a mirror having a clear idea of why you would like one can help you to decide on the design.

Floor Mirrors

Floor standing mirrors are perfect for bedrooms. They not only look good but they also give the essence of someone who takes care in their appearance and that of their home also. Positioned in a corner of the room can make that area of the room feel bigger than it is by tricking the eyes in believing there is more space of which is seen in the reflection.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors of the rectangle variety are commonly used as space enhancers. Often used in the full length of a wall the deception of more space can make a room feel much bigger. In a small room the mirror can make the atmosphere less claustrophobic by deceiving the eyes of the beholder. These mirrors can also be used in the respect of vanity. Placing wall mirrors by dining areas allows guests and hosts alike to monitor their appearance in public. Wall mirrors also have influences on how light a room is. Wall mirrors placed on adjacent walls to windows can reflect in more natural light making the room more airy and light. A well lit room can also give the impression of a larger space.

Small / Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors usually have smaller faces than the larger wall mirrors. Coming in a large catalogue of sizes, shapes and colours there will be a variety of mirror for each type of room. Different decorative tastes can be reflected in the choice of mirror obtained. Straight edged mirrors are suitable for modern attires whereas a mirror with added wire sculptures will be more suitable for those with artistic homes.

Small mirrors have the appeal of being handy in rooms unable to hold larger mirrors. Small scale bathrooms are perfect for these mirrors as they add a touch of luxury to a confined space. Generally round or square in shape the taste of the designs is down to personal preference but both offer luxury and extra light.